Mobile Legends: Adventure Patch 264.0 Introduces Epic New Hero Rista


Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle 2D RPG set in the Mobile Legends universe. That said, a new update is now live on the game’s public server which introduces an epic new hero. It also brings other new content and features.

Patch 264.0 introduces Rista – a Chaos-type support hero – who can buff allies and has a powerful summon to boot. His passive allows him to summon Guardian Erebus whenever an enhanced ally dies. This guardian can cast the same ultimate skills and abilities as Rista Is.

His first skill, Demonic Thorns, provides excellent attack bonuses to his allies in exchange for a gradual loss of their HP.

His second skill is called Dance with Erebus. It greatly reduces the damage reduction of his enemies when used. When Erebus is on the battlefield, Rista can also control enemies.

Wrath of Thorns is Rista’s ultimate. This ability allows him to control an enemy continuously. If Erebus also casts this ultimate, Rista can control the enemy for longer.

Aside from Rista, patch 264.0 for Mobile Legends: Adventure introduces some useful features. One of the most notable allows players to disconnect devices in the event of unusual account activity. To use this feature, a third-party account must first be linked before the logout process so that players can use it to log into the game.

Strong points


  • A new chapter, “The Mysterious Cavern” from the “Crow and Crown” series, is coming to the realm of legends! As Pharsa and Selena search for traces of Balmond’s escape, they find themselves in a windy cave…

  • A special guest is invited to the Primal Zone. What dark past will the willful queen of information reveal?

  • Added Rista’s chapter to “Tinted Mirage Story” in “Memory Obelisk”. Unlocked after 25-40 campaign


  • Added “Sweep” to the Tower of Babel (Available when your alignment’s combat power is 10% higher than that of enemies.)

  • Added “Sweep” to guild boss (unlocked at VIP level 6.)

  • Added “Sweep” to Battle of Fate (Available for a boss after your lineup has reached the specified combat power and you have defeated the boss and achieved the highest rank once.) A swept round grants an equal reward to the highest rank rewards but will not be counted in the leaderboard

  • Added “Skip Battle” to Golem Elimination (unlocked at VIP level 5.)

Patch 264.0 is currently live on the game’s test server and should go live next week.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is available on Android and iOS.

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